Monday, June 07, 2010

Mike Foley on Livin' AstroGlide: 5.14c/d

Make sure you watch this beast in HD!

Livin' AstroGlide (5.14c/d) from David Wetmore on Vimeo.

Holy smokes, this past month has been busy. I've finally had the time to sit down and edit. Here is a video of Mike destroying Livin' AstroGlide (5.14c/d). We spent some time up at Rumney this past month and he crushed it! I was able to put down a few as well, like Sinister 6000 (5.13d), Dodge the Lemons (5.13d), Cote D'Azure (5.13c), Tabdito (5.13c), and still super close on Parallel Universe (5.14a). I'm hoping to get out this week and give it a FINAL BURN! AHHHHHH!

In other news, I joined the LouderThan11 crew with Jon Glassberg and Jordan Shipman, so all my updates and videos will now also be available there (not quite ready yet)--very psyched to start stepping it up in the spray-o-sphere. I bet I can spray harder than you. I'm almost certain I can.

Cannot wait to head out to Salt Lake City next month to set for the United Bouldering Championships with the dream crew, Kyle McCabe, Brett Johnson, and Joel Zerr. More to come on that front...

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  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Damn!!! It must have been your mad camera skills that made that look 5.8+ ish. You're still a demi-god but that Mike, he's a SMOOOOTHY! Can't even imagine that kind of effort and control.